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The only subscription      you need 
to achieve          competitive  market awareness    

We have worked with

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+200 companies of different sizes across uae

Monthly Delivered
Market Intelligence ​​​​​


Keep a close eye on your key competitors


Know their current and possible next moves


Objective, accurate, and grounded results


200+ custom UAE market research, and industry reports delivered

How does
   it work?

You tell us about your business and key competitors


We create the methodology and conduct the research


Receive a monthly market intelligence report


Intelligent organizations are built on top of market-aware decisions, these calculated steps aid the strategic resiliency and competitiveness of such organizations.

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We know market research can be costly, that is why we have created a well-defined comprehensive solution for a continues market awareness, enabling top management to make an informed, reliable and grounded decisions.  

Successful, sustainable and resilient organizations are the most adaptable, innovative and aware.

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Market Research Company Dubai

Market Research Projects in UAE

Our company has successfully conducted in-depth market research projects and competitive scans in UAE for over +200 clients, focusing on formative research and consumer behavior, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods. And able to attain data in various languages and from different cultural backgrounds. 

   Research              subscription 

Competitive Awareness

Reacting and taking action

Practical understanding of what your competitors are up to.

AED 2,500 per month

T&C apply

Dubai City View

Competitive Intelligence

Focusing efforts for growth

Auditing brand image, and defining positioning changes with key competitors in your market.

AED 6,000 per month

T&C apply


​Competitive Deep-Dive

Strategic market understanding

Measuring market share changes of key competitors, and providing actionable recommendations.  

AED 15,000 per month

T&C apply

   Monthly         Report 

Research Features
Competitive Awareness Subscription
Competitive Intelligence Subscription
Competitive Deep-Dive Subscription
Competitors Content Updates
Competitors Appeal Changes
Competition Digital Promotional Activities
Competition Media Listening
Local Market Trends and Developments
Global Industry Trends and Updates
Measuring Brand Positioning Changes
Auditing Brand Image and sentiment
Market Share Changes
Prospect Disruption Avenues
Evidence-based Strategy Consulting
Competitors Pricing Changes
Dedicated Customer Support

             Need help
               making your decision?

30-day money back guarantee

Detailed demo of the monthly report structure and contents

Dedicated customer support

Unlock evidence-based business decision making 

Up to date competitive market data

Market Research Company


Market Research Company UAE

Meet The Team

Hasan Alcharif- Market Research Specialist

Hasan Al Sharif, MSc
Senior Research Specialist - Marketing Analytics

Diversified knowledge in business ventures leading up to 5+ years of experience in the field of market research, analysis, and digital marketing practices.

In depth understanding of marketing operations, strategy and Analytics, conducted more than 60+ projects in GCC. 

MSc in Marketing, BSc in Marketing Management 

Specializing in Market Intelligence, Consumer Journey Analysis and Competitive Analysis

Sami ismail indicators consulting_edited.jpg

Sami Ismail, MSc
Founder - Marketing & Strategy Consulting

10+ years in digital marketing, marketing research and tech startups, having worked with high-profile marketing agencies and clients within GCC and MENA region.
Conducted 200+ marketing research and consulting projects in KSA, UAE, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrian, Oman, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.
Manages a monthly marketing budget of $26,000, for tech, ecommerce and retail companies in GCC.
MSc in Marketing and a B.Sc. in Human Resources

Specializing in Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Business Planning and Digital Marketing Advisory


Murhaf Shamaly, MSc
Senior Research Specialist - Feasibility Studies 

4+ years of experience in business planning, feasibility studies, marketing research and consulting for SMEs and large organizations, within the MENA region and GCC. 

Conducted 30+ feasibility studies and consulting projects, covering industries like retail, ecommerce, fintech, agricultural and SaaS platforms and tech startups.

Some of the research projects I conducted had sample size of 6000+ people, using various data collection methods such as CATI, in depth interviews, focus groups and digital data collection.

MSc in Marketing and a B.Sc. in Management

Specializing in Feasibility Studies, Business Planning and Marketing Research


AbdElkareem Hmedan, PhD, SPHRi™
Senior Consultant - Management and Human Resources Strategies 

+7 Years of experience in HR management and consulting for large companies, startups, and international organizations within the GCC.

Conducted more than 2500+ hours of HR Management, Soft Skills, and other customized training/coaching programs for high-profile companies in the MENA region and GCC.

Provided high profile clients with policy & procedure creation, headhunting, mass recruiting, changing management plans, establishing OKRs, developing customized pay structures, and developing a performance appraisal management systems.

Been rewarded as the “Change Maker” for one of the well-known startups in MENA.

Certified Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHRI), MSc in Human Resources Management, and PhD in HR Management.

Specializing in Human Resources Management and Consulting, Expert Capacity Development Advisory and Management Planning


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