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200+ Expertly Crafted Business Plans and Marketing Research Projects in UAE

GCC Expertise | Global Standards

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10+ Years of Experience

200+ Happy Entrepreneurs and Investors

Indicators Consulting exists to solve the critical business issues facing our clients, both new and established. Our Scientific yet Practical approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us effective.

Our key services are

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans 

  • Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior Analytics

  • Management and HR Consulting

  • Business Strategy and Growth Planning

  • Marketing Planning and Executive Consulting

Market Research Comapny-Business Meeting

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Expert Guidance

Uncovering market preference insights and competitive scene, identifying opportunities for disruption and testing marketing appeals to new products and services. 

Capable of handling sample sizes of 5,000 people in nationwide CATI scans, field visits, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Using the latest statistical tools and accurately measure market dynamics and trends. 

In addition to conducting post-campaign evaluations of marketing and promotional campaigns to measure campaign reach, messages recall and brand recognition. 

Business Planning and Feasibility Studies

A Road map to your Success

Indicators Consulting has considerable edge and experience in conducting objective and grounded feasibility studies for various industries and sectors in GCC. 

Our approach is to pinpoint the value proposition, understand market dynamics and competitive edge, and finally fine-tune your business model to best suit current market aperture.

Brainstorming by Feasibility Study Company
Office Meeting at Feasibility Study Company Dubai

Management and Human Resources

Profitable and Efficient Guidance

Indicators Consulting- a feasibility study company in Dubai is well experienced ipolicy & procedure creation, guidance for headhunting and mass recruiting, installing change management plans, establishing OKRs, developing customized pay structures, and developing performance appraisal management systems.

Helping businesses increase their efficiency and profitability, through investing in their teams and organizational culture. 

Capacity Development

Training Programs to Achieve More

We equip businesses with the latest insights, tools and expertise to outperform the direct competition, and facilitate growth in both earnings and market share.  

Our curve-predicting approach will enable your team to deal with changing market dynamics and maximize innovate problem-solving.

Lecture by Feasibility Study Consultant
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Office 5, The Binary by Omniyat, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

+971 4 5700 495

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